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Exel Straw Bedder

excel 3000 straw bedder

Exel 3000 Bedder

A straw blower for bedding and forage distribution, it is suited to any type of product thanks to the two mechanical drive drums. Round and prism bales, humid and compact grass silage, hay and straw. Standard side discharge or 300ᴼ rotator. Can blow up to 15/20m. The poultry version has a large number of knives and modified turbine, providing short and constant cutting with high performance.

exel 4000 pro multi-chop straw bedder

Exel 4000 Pro multi- chop

Exel models are in several different forms, standard double drum version, and double drum version with extra knives. (500) Pro multi- chop is an adjustable machine for standard bedding and a precision chop, approximate length down to 3cm.

Pro multi chop

Standard machine with extra knives.

Standard double drum machine

Pro multi chop

Exel 2000 King Compact Bedder

Exel 2000 King Compact Bedder

A straw blower for bedding and forage distribution, it is equipped with a large central disk and 2 speed gearbox. It is able to cut round and prism bales of hay, straw, etc. Ideal for cubicles and confined spaces.